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February 27, 2019


The Red Bird Fire Department said two Fire Trucks mainly used to fight brush and grass fires were stolen sometime overnight.

One of those fire trucks was recovered Wednesday night the second was found Thursday. The vehicles were stripped of all firefighting gear and badly damaged.

The Fire Department said the two trucks are worth tens of thousands of dollars and are a huge loss for a small volunteer Department.

“With firefighting season approaching, this is a serious issue and could cost citizens property or lives,” the department’s GoFundMe page states.

“This department is small and replacing these trucks may be impossible. Let’s show this town and the men and women of the Red Bird fire department how we do things in Oklahoma.

If you can help, visit their fundraising page here.

Two Fire Trucks Stolen In Wagoner County, Deputies Say

News On 6’s cameras were rolling as firefighters and Wagoner County Emergency Management were out searching for the two fire trucks, a White 1997 Ford F-350 which is still missing and the Red 2008 Ford F-350.

“We do mutual aid with the other area departments around to where not only are we suffering but the citizens themselves of our coverage area and of Wagoner County are suffering because of that,” said Red Bird Fire Chief Brody Morris.

The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office said the two stolen trucks are the Red Bird Fire Department’s two most used vehicles. The sheriff’s office said the Assistant Chief of the Fire Department found the trucks missing Wednesday morning.

The Fire Department said not having those trucks has impacted them tremendously.

“It cripples our Department right now you know we’re still functional but it just crippled us because right now we have two pieces of apparatuses that are missing,” said Chief Morris.

The Sheriff’s Office said whoever took the trucks forced their way into the fire station. The Fire Chief said the Department uses Squad One, the red truck for all different types of emergencies.

“It also has floodlights on it to where if they are needed for search and rescue or helping Emergency Management with anything car wreaks or whatever it’s readily available,” said Chief Morris.

And as Law Enforcement and other emergency crew continue to search, the Fire Chief said he just wants those trucks back and in good condition.

“They need to return them and not to steal from anybody especially from the local fire department that is there to help and serve them,” said Chief Morris.

Wagoner County’s Emergency Management director said they are working to recover the second truck from a rural area where it’s been abandoned and is up on blocks.

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