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03/03/18 – Louisville, KY – Ambulance Stolen From Hospital – Crashed And Totaled Into Home Of Innocents – Suspect Escaped

Article Source: www.wdrb.com

Louisville Metro Police are looking for a suspect after a stolen ambulance crashed into the Home of the Innocents.

LMPD spokesperson Dwight Mitchell says First Division officers responded to a call at the Home of the Innocents Saturday around 1 a.m.

Police say an unoccupied Bullitt County Ambulance was left running outside the emergency room at Jewish Hospital, and was stolen by a suspect before later crashing at the Home of the Innocents. Authorities say the suspect ran from the scene.

President and CEO of Home of the Innocents, Paul Robinson, said he is counting his blessings that the building was the only thing damaged.

“We have about 150 to 160 children here at any given time and thinking that it was just steps from our front door where we have staff that are there was really quite concerning,” Robinson said.

The center provides services to families and children who are abused, abandoned and neglected. One employee there witnessed the moments right after the crash on surveillance video.

“She watched as the person that stole the car ran off. He ran north towards the river and off of our campus and we have not seen him since,” Robinson described.

Because of this crash, changes could be coming to the building’s entrance.

“A need to put some additional barriers here along our curb that would keep someone from coming up over the curb,” Robinson said. “Maybe to have some type of entrance gate that would be closed after hours when we normally are not really open to the public.”

Officials say no one at the Home of the Innocents was hurt.

If you have any information about who the suspect is, call police on the anonymous tipline at 574-LMPD.

Per protocol, the officer will be placed on administrative leave.

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