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March 15, 2019


A most unusual crime in Theodore

Mobile Police say while firefighters at the Theodore-Dawes Volunteer Fire Department were out fighting a fire, someone stole one of their fire trucks.

Police have arrested Jeramy Bexley.

He is charged with theft of property and third degree burglary.

Bond was set Friday at a total of $10,000.

Firefighters say they were out fighting a blaze Thursday around 3 am and, when they returned to their station on Three Notch Road, they saw that one of their brush trucks was missing.

They tracked down the truck through GPS to a convenience store..

Firefighter Jarvis Lewis says he found the truck and a suspect.

Lewis said, “I asked him where he got our truck from and he said that someone sold it to him. And I said, ‘Who would sell you a firetruck?’ and, pretty much after that, he took off running and we chased after him. We ended up chasing after him about half a mile and got him isolated to a business inside of their yard, set up a perimeter, our chief and a couple of more fire department guys, and he was hiding under a trailer inside their yard.”

Firefighters say the there is about $20,000 worth of damage to the vehicle.

The department has set up a “Go Fund Me” site.

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