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34 Sullivan Road, N. Billerica, MA 01862

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April 6, 2019


Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian says his office is investigating the theft and subsequent recovery of a Homer Volunteer Fire Department truck.

According to records provided by the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy responding to a call around 1:42 a.m. Friday, in the Francis area noticed a Homer VFD fire truck pulling out of one of the bays at the fire station. The deputy reported being suspicious of the truck’s departure because he could not recall hearing any fire or EMS calls in the area that would result in a Homer VFD truck responding.

Records indicate the deputy stopped down the road from the station and checked with Central Dispatch to make sure the truck was not answering a call. Upon being informed of no such call, he returned to the fire station, but the truck was nowhere in sight.

Records indicate deputies found the back door to the fire station had substantial damage to the door and frame and had pry marks on it. Several offices inside the building were found open. Deputies report a neighbor across the street from the fire station also reported finding his gate and shop doors open, but he said nothing was missing from his property.

According to reports filed with the sheriff’s office, Homer Volunteer Fire Department officials were unable to provide deputies with the truck’s title or a list recording the last four vehicle identification numbers or license plate numbers for each of the department’s trucks. Deputies report they were informed the keys to the truck were in the truck’s ignition at the time it was stolen. Deputies tracked down the truck’s tag number and used it to identify the VIN.

Christian said the truck was recovered in Stonewall Friday morning, parked by the Pontotoc County #3 Barn.

The sheriff said deputies are reviewing video footage and other evidence collected from the scene.

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