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July 15, 2019


An ambulance was stolen in Parry Sound today.

According to a notice from the West Parry Sound Health Centre, the vehicle was stolen this morning, just before noon, from the ambulance base located adjacent to the centre.

“Our Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Ambulance Communication Services (ACS) staff responded immediately and prompt attention was provided by the Ontario Provincial Police,” read a notice from the centre.

“The incident ended when the ambulance was driven off the road and came to a stop along a roadway north of Parry Sound.”

Information sent to the MyParrySoundNow.com newsroom indicated that the ambulance ended up off the side of the road, near Dumont Road towards Pointe Au Baril. A woman was also seen being frisked by police at the scene, though it remains unclear what her involvement was.

According to the centre, no one suffered significant injuries during the incident. Members of the health centre are working with emergency services, the Ambulance Communication Centre, and the OPP to understand the incident.

The centre thanked the coordinated actions and immediate cooperation from the services involved in the incident.

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