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8/8/17 – Providence, RI – Mental Illness Patient At Butler Hospital Steals Professional Ambulance Service Ambulance – Man Tells Police Officer Bombs Are In The Hospital

Article Source: www.ktvo.com

A man with mental health issues stole an ambulance from Butler Hospital in Providence on Tuesday.

Police told NBC 10 News an outpatient drove off from the hospital campus on Blackstone Boulevard with its lights and sirens on around 3:30 p.m.

A police report obtained by NBC 10 states that the company tracked the ambulance with GPS and told police where it was.

An officer found the ambulance parked with the emergency lights still on less than a mile from Butler at the intersection of Wayland and President avenues.

While no one was inside the rescue, the officer reported that a man who was out of breath came up to him and was acting erratically. The man said there were bombs at Butler, as well as other bizarre statements.

According to the report, the man told the officer he took the ambulance to drive himself to another
hospital for treatment. He was then transported to Roger Williams Hospital for a mental evaluation.

The rescue is operated by a private company, Professional Ambulance, which is based in Providence. The company did not want to press charges due to the man’s mental state.

While authorities said no one was hurt and the ambulance was not damaged, it’s not clear how the man was able to get behind the wheel of the ambulance or where the ambulance crew was at the time.

A spokesman for Butler did not have a comment other than to refer NBC 10 to the information from police.

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