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10/06/17 Socorro County NM, Man in stolen Ambulance rear-ended Sheriff’s car and rammed it off the road.

Article Source: dchieftain.com

A man has been arrested after ramming a stolen ambulance into a Socorro County Sheriff’s vehicle following a pursuit on the Alamo Navajo Reservation earlier this month.

Rambo Apache was apprehended following a joint effort by the Sheriff’s Office, New Mexico State Police and the Navajo Police.

On Oct. 6 at 12:30 a.m., Socorro County Sheriff William Armijo received a call about a stolen ambulance on the reservation and that there was a pursuit

“There was a Crown Point officer attempting to stop the vehicle,” Armijo said. “The driver of the vehicle was attempting to ram the Crown Point officer.”

Armijo said four officers from the Sheriff’s Office responded.

“When Corporal (Manuel) Monte located the vehicle, the driver of the vehicle turned the ambulance around and made a u-turn,” Armijo said. “He ran the corporal (Monte) off the road. He rammed the unit, rear-ended it and rammed it off the road.”

Eventually Apache took the ambulance to his house, and then parked it just down the road from his house, Armijo said.

“He abandoned it there and left the keys in it,” Armijo said. “He went home and went to bed.”

The Sheriff’s Office, the State Police and the Navajo Police – with permission of the family – went into the home and took Apache into custody without any further incident.

Apache did not give an explanation as to why he was in possession of the stolen vehicle, Armijo said.

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