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9/29/19 – Fairmont, WV – Homeless Man Steals Ambulance From Fairmont Regional Medical Center – Man Abandons Ambulance – Police Found Him Walking To Take It Again – Captured

Man arrested after stealing ambulance from Vanderbilt

September 29, 2019


A 26-year-old homeless man was charged with grand larceny after taking an ambulance worth approximately $50,000 Sept. 26 outside Fairmont Regional Medical Center in Fairmont, according to a criminal complaint.

The complaint states that Randy Scott Pushinsky faces the felony offense. Court records show he is in North Central Regional Jail in lieu of $20,012 bail.

According to the court papers, a Fairmont Police Department patrolman was dispatched to a call at Fairmont Regional Medical Center regarding an ambulance being stolen from outside the emergency entrance. The complaint states the stolen ambulance was located on Village Way, Fairmont.

As the officer was patrolling the area, he located Pushinsky walking east on Village Way, the complaint states.

According to the court papers, Pushinsky matched the description of the male that had stolen the ambulance.

The officer stated in the complaint that while speaking with Pushinsky, “he stated that he took the ambulance because he wanted to go to the hospital. Pushinsky also stated that he was walking back towards the ambulance to take it again.”

Police said the facts are based on officer investigation and witness statements.

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