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Patient accused of taking over ambulance, leading Westminster officers on pursuit is charged with felonies

Article Source: Ozarks First

TANEY COUNTY, Mo. — Paramedics and police were startled Monday, when a patient jumped into the driver’s seat of a Taney County Ambulance and stole it.

The theft happened when paramedics responded to a medical call in Hollister Monday.

“Paramedics were caring for the patient and getting information from Hollister Police when the patient suddenly jumped into the driver seat of the ambulance. Before Police or Paramedics could react the patient placed the ambulance in drive and sped away,” the ambulance district said in a news release.

The chase that followed lasted about 45 minutes and crossed into Arkansas.

According to the release, “the TCAD Paramedics Communication Center assisted law enforcement using tracking technology on the ambulance. The Communication Center was able to give law enforcement the location, direction of travel and speed of the ambulance during the chase.”

“The chase extended into Harrison, Arkansas. Arkansas State Highway Patrol was able to end the chase in Harrison near the McDonald’s on Business 65,” said TCAD Paramedic Johnathan Tudor.

“That’s very scary. We strive to help people everyday and when a situation like this happens it’s disheartening and very scary…,”

Nobody was injured in the incident, and the ambulance was undamaged.

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